Laser Hair Reduction

At Laser Hair & Skin Clinic we are proud users of the Cutera excel HR medical device. Excel HR uses premium laser hair reduction technology for women and men of all skin types. Its technology delivers consistent energy in each pulse reducing the amount of treatments required.

We typically recommend 4-6 treatments spaced 6-12 weeks apart. This is due to the hair growth cycle which is divided into 3 phases. The anagen phase is when a new hair is generated by the follicle and it is at this stage the laser energy will destroy the hair. The anagen phase does not all begin at the same time that is why multiple sessions over different time periods are needed.

Excel HR significantly improves client comfort by offering continuous cooling before, during and after each laser pulse to achieve the safest most effective results for clients of all skin types. Areas that can be treated are legs, bikini area (including Brazilian), underarms, arms, chest, back, abdomen and face.

learn more about laser hair reduction from this short video

hair growth cycle
excel hr


Electrolysis is medically and scientifically proven to remove hair permanently. Unlike IPL and laser, electrolysis can permanently remove white, red and blonde hair. A single-use disposable needle is used for every treatment. During your consultation, we evaluate whether you are a good candidate for electrolysis, or whether laser hair reduction may be a better alternative for you. The amount of electrolysis treatments required depend on the individual and/or any ongoing medical conditions.