Diatheramy & Skin Tag Removal

Diathermy is an effective treatment that is used for the removal of broken capillaries (red spider veins).

Diathermy delivers heat through an extremely fine needle directly onto the area of concern, immediately cauterizing blood flow to a stubborn broken capillary.

The most common areas to be treated for broken capillaries are the cheeks, nose, and neck. The area may feel hot for a few hours post treatment, and a small crust will appear at the site of the broken capillary This crust will fall off between 5 to 7 days.

Diathermy treats

Broken capillaries

On the cheeks, nose, neck and chest.

Skin tags

On the skin surrounding the eyes, neck, underarms, and groin as well as under the breasts.


On the skin surrounding the eyes and face.

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