Lymphatic Enzyme Facial

Uniquely formulated tightening mask that is designed to work with your circulatory system.

Your circulatroy system is an an often overlooked, but vital component of optimal skin health.

This organ system is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells, increasing blood flow and circulation all while removing toxins and impurities from our lymphatic system.

PRIN is an Australian-made and owned uniquely formulated tightening mask that is designed to work with your circulatory system. 

The transient pressure created by the PRIN mask assists with activating these processes, in turn, increasing circulation, and lymphatic drainage and creating a healthy environment for skin cells to flourish in and feeding the cells rich oxygenated and nutrient rich blood, resulting in hydrated, tightened and brighter skin.

Key concerns treated by PRIN include
acne skin texture dull skin pigmentation and skin tone rough skin fine lines and wrinkles

What to expect

Increased radiance and plumpness

An improvement in the appearance of acne

Improved skin texture and firmness

More even skin tone

Individual Treatment
3 Treatment Package
Lymphatic Enzyme Facial
$450 Save $75
Lymphatic Enzyme Facial + Omnilux LED Light Therapy
$645 Save $60

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